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68k IO plugger
[emu68 library documentation.]

Detailed Description

IO plugging and mapping facilities.

Provide functions for warm plugging/unplugging of IO chipset. Limitations are explained in 68k memory and IO manager detailed description.


file  ioplug68.h
 68k IO plugger header.


void EMU68ioplug_unplug_all (void)
 Unplug all IO.

int EMU68ioplug_unplug (io68_t *io)
 Unplug an IO.

void EMU68ioplug (io68_t *io)
 Plug an IO.

Function Documentation

void EMU68ioplug_unplug_all void   ) 

Unplug all IO.

Process EMU68ioplug_unplug() function for all pluged IO.

int EMU68ioplug_unplug io68_t io  ) 

Unplug an IO.

The EMU68ioplug_unplug() function removes an IO from pluged IO list and reset memory access handler for its area.

io Address of IO structure to unplug.
Return values:
0 Success
<0 Error (probably no matching IO)

void EMU68ioplug io68_t io  ) 

Plug an IO.

The EMU68ioplug() function add an IO to pluged IO list and add suitable memory access handlers.

io Address of IO structure to plug.