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inst68.h File Reference

Detailed Description

68k arithmetic and logical instruction header.

Benjamin Gerard <ben@sashipa.com>
inst68.h,v 2.2 2003/10/29 06:50:41 benjihan Exp

#include "emu68/type68.h"

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Arithmetic instruction functions

s32 add68 (s32 a, s32 b, s32 c)

s32 sub68 (s32 a, s32 b, s32 c)

s32 muls68 (s32 a, s32 b)
 Signed multiplication.

s32 mulu68 (u32 a, u32 b)
 Unsigned multiplication.

s32 divs68 (s32 a, s32 b)
 Signed divide.

s32 divu68 (u32 a, u32 b)
 Unsigned divide.

Logical instruction functions

s32 and68 (u32 a, u32 b)
 Bitwise AND.

s32 orr68 (u32 a, u32 b)
 Bitwise OR.

s32 eor68 (u32 a, u32 b)
 Bitwise exclusif OR.

s32 not68 (s32 s)
 First complement.