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api68_music_info_t Struct Reference
[sc68 main API]

#include <api68.h>

Detailed Description

Music information.

Most string in this structure point on disk and must not be used after the api68_close() call.

Data Fields

int track
 Track number (0:disk information).

int tracks
 Number of track.

const char * title
 Disk or track title.

const char * author
 Author name.

const char * composer
 Composer name.

const char * replay
 Replay name.

const char * hwname
 Hardware description.

char time [12]
 Time in format TT MM:SS.

struct {
   unsigned   ym:1
   unsigned   ste:1
   unsigned   amiga:1
 Hardware used.

unsigned int time_ms
 Duration in ms.

unsigned int start_ms
 Absolute start time in disk in ms.

unsigned int rate
 Replay rate.

unsigned int addr
 Load address.

Field Documentation

unsigned api68_music_info_t::ym

Music uses YM-2149 (ST).

unsigned api68_music_info_t::ste

Music uses STE specific hardware.

unsigned api68_music_info_t::amiga

Music uses Paula Amiga hardware.

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