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music68_t Struct Reference
[sc68 files]

#include <file68.h>

Detailed Description

SC68 music (track) structure.

Data Fields

Music replay parameters.
unsigned d0
 D0 value to init this music.

unsigned a0
 A0 Loading address.

unsigned frq
 Frequency in Hz (default:50).

unsigned start_ms
 Start time in ms from disk 1st track.

unsigned time_ms
 Duration in ms.

unsigned frames
 Number of frame.

int loop
 Default number of loop (0:infinite).

int track
 Track remapping number (0:default).

hwflags68_t hwflags
 Hardware and features.

Human readable information.
char * name
 Music name.

char * author
 Author name.

char * composer
 Composer name.

char * replay
 External replay name.

Music data.
unsigned datasz
 data size in bytes

char * data
 Music data.

Field Documentation

unsigned music68_t::a0

A0 Loading address.

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