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The sc68 project

sc68 is a free open source project that intends to play musics originally designed for Atari STtm and Amigatm computers.

The sc68 music player

sc68 is distributed as an input plugin for the most common music softwares such as winamp and xmms.

The sc68 music collection

sc68 project includes a very large collection of Atari STtm and Amigatm soundchip musics. The sc68 music archive only contains musics that need unusual or custom music players. Do not expect to find any any Amigatm modules [.mod] music file, since this file format is already supported by most music player softwares and many files could be found in lotsa others great websites.


Don't waste any more time:
  • Download sc68 player from the download section.
  • Download sc68 musics from the music section.
  • Technical features

    Watch out the developer section.