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sc68 developer documentation



Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Benjamin Gerard


This documentation intends to help developers to use or modify sc68 components.

The api68 library is the easiest way to play sc68 files in a third party application. Sample files may be found in the xmms68 sc68 or winamp68 directories.

The file68 library can be used to handle sc68 files. It provides loading verifying and saving functions and many other useful functions. Sample files may be found in the info68 and debug68 directories.

The emu68 library and the io68 library are respectively the 68000 emulator and the Atari ST and Amiga chipset emulators.

emu68 is compiled in two versions. The fast one is used for music playing programs. The debug one is used by tools that need a 68000 emulator. Debug version includes a smarter memory access control but is slower and required more memory.
The desa68 library is a 68000 disassembler. It has enhanced features that help to trace branch instructions. A good sample is may be found in the sourcer68 directory. This library is also used by debug68 programs.

The unice68 library is a ICE 2.4 depacker. It is a rougth "C" conversion of original 68000 ICE 2.4 depacker routine.

Portability issue

sc68 has currently been ported on many platforms. Anyway all these platforms were 32 bit wide. It is possible that some modules does not compile properly with platform that does not handle all fixed size integer types used by the libraries (64, 32, 16 and 8 bit integer both signed and unsigned). It may works with 64 bit platforms as soon as it has support for above integer types but generated code may be not fully optimized for such platforms.