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26 November 2003
sc68 has moved to http://sc68.atari.org

As you should have noticed the official sc68 website has moved to http://sc68.atari.org.
It should be faster than the previous Internet service provider.
Thanks to atari.org for free hosting.
02 October 2003
New Atari STtm musics

EIL and others compos
These new musics have been found on Dead Hacker Society website.
They have been composed for various music compos.
from sc68 music package.
30 September 2003
sc68 2.2.1 has been released

Winamp tm 3 plugin
Experimental winamp3 support. Badly tested but it seems to work well.
New features
Only minor changes in this release. Update is not required.
API minor modifications
Fix headers to compile with C++.
25 September 2003
sc68 2.2.0 has been released

Windows tm
  • Including winamp 2 plugin and all sc68 tools.
  • Installed separately in sc68 folder and allows a per user configuration.
  • API minor modifications
    In order to complete the Windows tm version some minors changes and improvements have been done in the API.
    07 September 2003
    sc68 2.1.0 has been released

    SNDH support
    At last sc68 is compatible with SNDH files. This is a beta version since I don't have enough SNDH files to perform advanced tests.
    GZIP support
    gzip transparent loader allow to load any supported file (sc68 and sndh) that have been gzipped. Currently this support is limited to file only.
    ICE! support
    ICE transparent loader works like gzip one. The ICE depacker is new version written in "C" from the original ICE 2.4 68000 assembler code source. unice68 library has been added to the source package. This transparent loader should work with any stream supported not only with files.
    Other minor changes
  • Fix a nasty bug in debug68
  • Fix a minor bug in xmms plugin
  • 03 September 2003
    New musics from the YM Rockerz

    fly to all YM Rockerz for all these tunes. There are all kick a$$ good quality chiptunes.
    from sc68 music package.
    28 August 2003
    sc68 2.0.0 has been released

    Changes in the API:
    This new release is based on a new API. Developers that intend to use sc68 files in their own project may find it more convenient.
    Have a look to the sc68 API documentation for more details.
    Changes in the emulator engine:
    The emulation engine does not change much. Anyway a few bugs may have been removed. Only major change is the centering of the generated PCM signal. It does not change the way it sounds (so I hope) but it should give better visual FX results and helps some broken signal analysis programs (including mp3 encoders and winamp equalizer).
    Changes in the package:
  • xmms and winamp plugins has been removed from the main project and are now distributed as separated package.
  • All sc68 related tools are installed. See developer section for more details.
  • Changes in sc68 resource files:
  • Add support for environment variable to locate resource pathes.
  • Add support for share resource path. Resource files are no more required in user's directory.
  • Add a .bin extension to external replay filename and force lowercase to fix a bug on case sensitive filesystems.
  • Add sndh_ice replay file (thanks to Abyss / Cream).
  • Move the config file (config.txt) at the top of the resource directory instead of Config/config.txt
  • Remove unused resources (including browse info)
  • Coming soon:
    New music files including:
  • Frank Seemann (Tao/Cream) latest tunes (including the UMD 8730 intro 20 minutes long mega remix).
  • David Moss (Spaz/TLB) digital (quartet) tunes from the Ohh Crikey Wat a Scorcher demo.
  • Tunes from MC Laser.
  • 25 May 2003
    sc68 on sourceforge.net

    After a long time period of inactivity, here is sc68 latest news !
  • sc68 source code and packages are now available on sourceforge.net.
  • The whole project could at last be compiled with all features on GNU system, since the current version of automake and libtool allow source code to be in different directory than the target library.
  • In consequence the distribution provides more additionnal programs such as debug68, unice68 ...
  • 25 January 2002
    sc68 1.2.0 has been released
    sc68 now uses a new YM-2149 emulator engine, improving the emulation of some very specific sounds (half level buzzer).
    Both winamp and xmms versions are available from the download section.
    This version includes new external replays, required to play some of the music added to the collection :
    • Tao/Cream - TSD SID emulator
    • Tao/Cream - Big Demo SID feeling
    • Rob Povey - Quartet original replay
    Check out new music files in the music section.
    11 January 2002
    sc68 1.1.0 has been released
  • Better sid voice emulation
  • A lots of new player including digital players such as quartet and TCB tracker.
  • More than 400 new music files added to the sc68 music collection.
  • 08 January 2002
    sc68 1.0.1 has been released
    Remove a little bug in tar archiver configuration for non GNU system.
    New sc68 source package 1.0.1 is available.
    24 December 2001
    sc68 1.0.0 has been released
    sc68 source package 1.0.0 is available.
    This is a GNU standard distribution, including source files, documentations and configure script.
    29 November 2001
    Music database update
    The entire music collection, single and authors archives has been updated.
    27 November 2001
    Guest book bug fix
    A little bug in the guest book time stamp has been corrected.
    24 November 2001
    Music collection update
    Music collection update. The music database still unchanged. Go to all musics section.
    22 November 2001
    Link section added
    Surf other Atari emulators and other great websites from the new link section.
    Guest book added
    You can write a short message in the guest book section.
    25 September 2001
    Website initial release