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desa68 library documentation.

Detailed Description

Benjamin Gerard <ben@sashipa.com>
desa68 library is a 68000 disassembler with enhanced features that help to trace branch instructions.

Optionnally the disassembler may disassemble with symbol instead of absolute address or long immediat. A supplemental control is available to choose the range of address that must be disassembled as symbol.

A good sample is may be found in the sourcer68 directory. This library is also used by debug68 programs.

desa68 library is not thread safe.


file  desa68.h
 Motorola 68K disassembler.

Data Structures

struct  DESA68parm_t
 68K disassemble pass parameters. More...

Disassembly option flags.

Use bitwise OR operation with these values to set the the DESA68parm_t::flags in order to configure the disassembler.

#define DESA68_SYMBOL_FLAG   (1<<0)
 Disassemble with symbol.

#define DESA68_ASCII_FLAG   (1<<1)
 Disassemble with ascii char.

#define DESA68_FORCESYMB_FLAG   (1<<8)
 Force symbol disassemble.

Instruction type flags.

These flags are setted in the DESA68parm_t::status field by desa68() function.

It allow to determine the type of the dissassembled instruction.

#define DESA68_INST   (1<<0)
 Valid instruction.

#define DESA68_BRA   (1<<1)
 Branch always instruction (bra/jmp/dbcc).

#define DESA68_BSR   (1<<2)
 Subroutine (bsr/jsr)/ Conditionnal branch instruction (bcc/dbcc).

#define DESA68_RTS   (1<<3)
 Return from subroutine/Interruption instruction (rts/rte).

#define DESA68_INT   (1<<4)
 Software interrupt instruction (trap/chk).

#define DESA68_NOP   (1<<5)
 nop instruction.


void desa68 (DESA68parm_t *d)
 Disassemble a single 68000 instruction.

Define Documentation

#define DESA68_SYMBOL_FLAG   (1<<0)

Disassemble with symbol.

If the DESA68_SYMBOL_FLAG is set in the DESA68parm_t::flags and the value of absolute long addressing mode or an immediat long is in greater or equal to DESA68parm_t::immsym_min and less than DESA68parm_t::immsym_max then the disassembler replaces the value by a named symbol. The named symbol constist on the value transformed to an 6 hexadecimal digit number with a prefixed 'L'.

#define DESA68_ASCII_FLAG   (1<<1)

Disassemble with ascii char.

If the DESA68_ASCII_FLAG is set in the DESA68parm_t::flags immediat values are converted to ASCII string (if possible).

#define DESA68_FORCESYMB_FLAG   (1<<8)

Force symbol disassemble.

The DESA68_FORCESYMB_FLAG is a set of 5 bits. If the Nth bit if set it forces a symbolic dissassembly for a long starting at the Nth word. Since 68000 instructions are not more than 10 bytes long 5 bit is just enougth.

Function Documentation

void desa68 DESA68parm_t d  ) 

Disassemble a single 68000 instruction.

param d Pointer to disassemble pass parameter structure.