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sc68fordevelopers Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_io68_tIO emulator plugin structure
_istream_tGeneric stream structure
api68_init_tAPI initialization
api68_music_info_tMusic information
chunk68_tSC68 file chunk header
DESA68parm_t68K disassemble pass parameters
disk68_tSC68 music disk structure
hwflags68_tHardware and features flags
int68_t68K interruption exception structure
istream_z_option_tGzip options
music68_tSC68 music (track) structure
paulav_tPaula voice information data structure
reg68_t68K emulator registers, memory and IO
rsc68_info_tResource specific information
ym2149_tYM-2149 internal data structure