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Error message
[file68 library documentation.]

Detailed Description

Provides error message push and pop functions.

Error messages consist on a fixed size stack of fixed length strings.


file  file68/error68.h
 error message header.


int SC68error_add (const char *format,...)
 Push a formatted error message.

const char * SC68error_get (void)
 Get last error message.

Function Documentation

int SC68error_add const char *  format,

Push a formatted error message.

The SC68error_add() function format error string into stack buffer. If stack is full, the oldest error message is removed.

format printf() like format string
Return values:

const char* SC68error_get void   ) 

Get last error message.

The SC68error_get() function retrieves last error message and removes it from error message stack.

Static string to last error message
Return values:
0 No stacked error message