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reg68_t Struct Reference
[Type definitions]

#include <struct68.h>

Detailed Description

68K emulator registers, memory and IO.

Data Fields

s32 d [8]
 68000 data registers

s32 a [8]
 68000 address registers

s32 usp
 68000 User Stack Pointers

s32 pc
 68000 Program Counter

u32 sr
 68000 Status Register

cycle68_t cycle
 Internal cycle counter.

int status
 Unused !!!

 Memory buffer.

u32 memmsk
 Memory address mask.

unsigned int memsz
 Memory size in byte.

 Access-Control-Memory buffer.

int framechk
 ORed chk change for current frame.

int nio
 # IO plug in IO-list

 Head of IO-list.

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