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_io68_t Struct Reference
[Type definitions]

#include <struct68.h>

Detailed Description

IO emulator plugin structure.

All 68K IO must have a filled io68_t structure to be warm plug or unplug with ioplug interface.

Data Fields

 IO list; pointer to next.

char name [32]
 IO identifier name.

u32 addr_low
 IO mapping area start address.

u32 addr_high
 IO mapping area end address.

memrfunc68_t Rfunc [3]
 IO read functions (B,W,L).

memwfunc68_t Wfunc [3]
 IO write functions (B,W,L).

int68_t *(* interrupt )(cycle68_t)
 IO interruption function claim.

cycle68_t(* next_int )(cycle68_t)
 IO get next interruption cycle.

void(* adjust_cycle )(cycle68_t)
 IO adjust cycle function.

int(* reset )(void)
 IO reset function.

cycle68_t rcycle_penalty
 Read cycle penalty.

cycle68_t wcycle_penalty
 Write cycle penalty.

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