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Type definitions
[emu68 library documentation.]

Detailed Description

Definition of types used by EMU68 and SC68 related projects.

Some of them are probably not neccessary and should be remove to improve execution time on 64 or more bit platforms. Setting wrong types may probably produce annoying effects on EMU68. It is a limitation to EMU68 portability.


file  struct68.h
 Struture definitions.

file  type68.h
 Type definitions header.

Data Structures

struct  int68_t
 68K interruption exception structure. More...

struct  _io68_t
 IO emulator plugin structure. More...

struct  reg68_t
 68K emulator registers, memory and IO. More...

Memory access caller type

typedef u32(* memrfunc68_t )(u32 addr, cycle68_t cycle)
 Read memory function.

typedef void(* memwfunc68_t )(u32 addr, u32 value, cycle68_t cycle)
 Write memory function.

Fixed size integer types.

typedef unsigned char u8
 Must be an unsigned 8 bit integer.

typedef signed char s8
 Must be an signed 8 bit integer.

typedef unsigned short u16
 Must be an unsigned 16 bit integer.

typedef signed short s16
 Must be an signed 16 bit integer.

typedef unsigned int u32
 Must be an unsigned 32 bit integer.

typedef signed int s32
 Must be an signed 32 bit integer.

typedef unsigned long long u64
 Must be an unsigned 64 bit integer.

typedef signed long long s64
 Must be an signed 64 bit integer.


#define IO68_NO_INT   (0x80000000)
 IO no pending interruption return value.

#define NULL   0L
 Default NULL constant.

#define MEM68MSK   ((1<<19)-1)
 Mask for memory overflow.

#define TYPE_CYCLE68   unsigned int
 Used by cycle counters.


typedef void( linefunc68_t )(int, int)
 First level (16 lines) decoder function.

typedef _io68_t io68_t
 IO emulator plugin structure.

typedef unsigned int cycle68_t
 At least 32 bit integer.

Define Documentation

#define IO68_NO_INT   (0x80000000)

IO no pending interruption return value.

The next_int function of IO plugin must return IO68_NO_INT when no interruption are expected.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _io68_t io68_t

IO emulator plugin structure.

All 68K IO must have a filled io68_t structure to be warm plug or unplug with ioplug interface.